… – In this video, the Vapor MC answers some basic questions about vaporization such as “What is a Vaporizer?” “What are the basic types of vaporizers?” and “How can a Vaporizer Help Me?”

There are two main categories of vaporizer: desktop and portable, each with their own subcategories. The desktop (or home-style) vaporizers can be either a whip-style or forced-air vaporizer; while the portable vaporizers are broken down into battery-powered or butane-powered handhelds and pen-style classifications.

Vaporizers used in this demonstration are the Volcano Classic, Volcano Digital, Silver Surfer, Da Buddha, Arizer Solo, Magic Flight Launch Box, Vaporite Sapphire, Vaporite Ruby, and Vaporite Emerald.

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“What is a Vaporizer?” – Information about Health Benefits and Types of Vaporizers
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