Vape sweaters

With Vaping all the rage, why not protect your vape with something unique and stylish.
Vape Sweater Black Destin Grant Photography
Just like phone accessories, you can now have vape accessories.
Vape Sweaters come in many different sizes, colors and styles.
Micro is for micro sized capes like g-pen and atoms. Small is for pen sized vapes with a 3/16″ diameter. Medium is designed for vapes 1/3″ diameter and at least 5″ tall. And, there are even lighter holders.
Vape sweater styles Destin Grant Photography
There are also mermaid tail vape sweaters that can really turn some heads. These Vape Sweaters are high quality hand made accessories for all types of Cannasseurs. In fact, I wore mine for two days straight and it is so soft I didn’t even notice it. The convenience of having my vape around my neck to hit whenever I needed is definitely a perk. I’m taking mine everywhere!

Vape sweater lighter and micro Destin Grant Photography
Even a one hit toker can fit in the Vape Sweater, so these Vape Sweaters have multiple uses for smoking tools.
vape sweater mermaid tail
Available on Etsy: Vape sweaters

Vape Sweaters product review
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