You may not be able to sit down with the quintessential stoner of “Cheech and Chong” fame and get high anytime soon (after all, that line’s got to be pretty long), but before long you will be able to smoke a bowl of Tommy Chong-approved and -branded cannabis in Washington.

“We’re bringing Tommy’s product line into the Pacific Northwest,” said John Minehart, vice president and co-founder of U.S. Cannabis. “We’ll have the sun-grown, all-natural in Washington and indoor as well.”

Minehart hopes to have branded products on the shelves of licensed retail stores in the next 30 days or so. “You will see it everywhere,” he predicted. There will also be a full line of accessories, such as grinders, rolling papers and glassware. His company is managing the Chong brand in this region and vetting all the growers whose product might carry the name that’s been synonymous with marijuana for decades.

High standards promised 

So what goes into a Tommy Chong bud?

Minehart explained that they will be rigorously vetting growers and producers who will get to use the brand. The grower will have to pass the team’s inspection of their operation, which includes making sure their test results are high-quality and legit.

“… and then we’ll pass it by a panel, and the panel will vote on the product. So, if it doesn’t pass the panel, it doesn’t get put in the stories,” he said.

“We’re taking it to the next level,” Minehart said. “We are making sure that this is the best adult-use, I-502 cannabis that there is. It’s been tested more than once. It’s all top strain, all top of the plant. … It’s going to have a special seal on the packaging to prevent counterfeiting. We’re really going to take it up … to say this is a brand that you can trust, and if you consume it, you’ll know we signed off that this is the best and the real deal.”

He added that U.S. Cannabis plans on having a major roll out of its Tommy Chong branded products at the CannaCon event Feb. 19-21 at Seattle’s Pier 91 Bell Harbor Convention Center.

Update Jan. 30: Mr. Chong’s people say that about sums it up. They’re making similar arrangements with other qualified growers in other legal weed states. Right now, Chong’s branding arrangement with the“Dutch Rolling Company Since 1996″ Futurola has landed branded grinders and rollers (soon) at Top Shelf Cannabis in Bellingham. You can hear more about that in Bellingham’s KISM radio story.

Updated: Tommy Chong brand marijuana coming to Washington rec stores
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