I was very excited to see my Buddabox show up yesterday. The first thing I noticed however, is there was something sharp poking out of the box.


I got a little worried because I had no idea what could be poking out of the box. When I opened it up I was relieved to see it was just the tip of the Debowler ash tray. The only ways I can see this being avoided is to replace the product or use a larger box, and maybe fill in the space with snacks, because Buddabox definitely covers you on your first time stoner gear. 

Buddabox stuff

I was quite impressed with what I received when I opened it up. Even items I had never seen before. Like a rolling mat that I can use my new flavoured papers with. They even sent screens for your new well made pipe, which I enjoyed as it hits very smooth.

Buddabox pipe

I also recieved a lighter, grinder, silicone container, and a really neat glass mouth piece for joints or blunts that I’m personally excited to use.

Buddabox mouthpiece
I definitely enjoy everything about Buddabox, aside from the poked hole in the box, which I’m sure can be easily fixed, Buddabox did a great job and I’m very happy with what I recieved.

Buddabox stuff 2

Subcription Box Review: BuddaBox (Update)
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