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To tell the truth, it wasn’t hard for me to decide where in So. Cal. I would go to seek out a proper foundation for this educational adventure. Let’s be honest, if you know anything about the Medical Cannabis industry in California, than you are definitely aware of Buds and Roses in Los Angeles. Amongst all of the celebrity exposure and Cannabis Cup wins, this Collective prides itself in a couple things I am definitely a fan of. They provide their patients with healthy medicine and do so in a professional manner. I’ve had the opportunity to visit once in the past and have been searching for a reason to go back. So after taking a look on Weedmaps and seeing that they were offering Veganic Silverback Grape Ape, it was an easy and fitting decision to hop in the car and head north to the city of angels.

After a short drive, a comfortable waiting room experience, and a great conversation with a flower tender (that for some reason I forgot his name) I joyfully had my 3.5 grams of Veganic Silverback Grape Ape.

First off, you have to admire the packaging. I have to admit, it was easy to walk out of the building with a black paper bag that’s sealed with a white Buds & Roses sticker. Inside contains a clear plastic jar with again, a Buds & Roses sticker on top of the white twist top cap. There is definitely no shortage of branding here folks. Personally I think it’s a smart move because it brings a more professional and legitimate face to the act of obtaining Medicinal Cannabis. What I think is the coolest addition to this flower holder was the Lab tested seal with the QR code attached that gave you the results.


I’m a young guy, but have to admit that I have never used a QR reader so I just asked my tender and I believe that the V.S.B.G.A. tested THC 21% and had an unusually high level of THCV, like all legit Purples are known to possess. On a personal level I look forward to learning more about the genetic sources of these high THCV Purple strains.

Before we crack the jar, I would like to touch on the fact that this particular Phenotype of Veganic Silverback Grape Ape has an interesting background. After I got home, I decided to do some research.

I found out that this batch, and most of the flower at Buds & Roses, was grown by Kyle Kushman. Kushman is a master cannabis cultivator that has been heavily active in the California Medical Cannabis Community for over decade and has been growing quality for over 20 years. Kushman is primarily known for coining the Veganic methodology of growing. To keep it simple, Veganic growing is Organic Cultivation without the use of any animal by-products in the nutrients, only plant material. This batch was soil grown indoors with Kushman’s bottled Veganic nutrient line, Vegamatrix.

According to Kushman via Instagram(welcome to the new age), this particular phenotype of Veganic Silverback Grape Ape was created in northern California by a man named Philo Phil and is a cross between MENDO Purp and Afghani. Phil then handed the phenotype down to the Dukes Of MENDO, which Kushman is a member of.

To be real, knowing this type of information is something I definitely value not only as a patient, but someone who is constantly trying to learn more about this wonderful, versatile plant.

Within seconds of opening the catchy jar, my senses immediately started to awaken. With my eyes lighting up, and my mouth starting to water I said to myself in a Homer Simpson style voice “Mmmm, Purple.”

On the visual, this batch of V.S.B.G.A. has a very dense appearance. In the California sunshine, the entire jar glistens with yummy relief. Looking at the amber tinge of the trichomes, it is easy to see that this harvest has been cured extremely well. To make these nugs perfect, I would loved to have seen a larger calyx size, but that is just my visual preference. These buds are tightly trimmed, throughly manicured, and uniform in size and appearance. To be honest, these little ladies are fun to break down and pack. A slight finger tip stickiness with the classic “pop” as the calyxes are plucked from the stem made it a fun break down. Viewing the packed bowl, it is easy to say the light green with golden amber hues combined with hints of purple on the inside calyxes is an appetizing view.


The first inhale was mildly expansive, not overwhelming, but still very fulfilling. All I can say is, Clean, Clean, Clean. It is probably the smoothest smoke I have ever experienced. There is no mouth coating synthetic residue or instant throat burn. I feel like in this area of evaluation, the Veganic perspective will always win.

The initial flavor of creamy lavender sweetness immediately makes your mouth water. The overwhelming fruity and classic Purple, combined with a hint of pine makes for a complex flavor experience. She is really expressing her Grape Ape lineage through the classic linalool terpene flavor and aroma. The flower burns evenly and is extremely receptive to where the Bee Line hemp wick is placed. On the exhale, the Veganic Silverback Grape Ape is stunningly smooth. My palate appreciated the pure, earthy, sweet taste these meds provide. You can definitely see, taste, and feel the extra T.L.C. that was put into the grow and the cure.

In regards to effect, you can feel an immediate body melt (that my back appreciated)combined with an after effect of euphoria and motivation (that my mind appreciated). The high was very calming, relaxing, and really helped to treat my anxiety. It was a long-lasting stone, almost for an hour and half, and I enjoyed every minute of it. To say the least, it was a textbook Purple Experience.

As an Organic Soil Gown enthusiast, I am very pleased with the healthy performance of the Veganic Silverback Grape Ape. I have heard a lot about how clean of an experience it is to smoke Veganic Cannabis and in my opinion, all of what I hear has proven to be true. In my mind, Buds & Roses with Kyle Kushman did an outstanding job on not only the Veganic Silverback Grape Ape but also the overall collective experience.

I will definitely be back again.

Thanks for Reading ! Stay Positive my friends !



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