What is Stoner Supply Club?

Stoner Supply Club is a monthly subscription box developed by a group of stoners dedicated to always being ready to smoke.

So you watched the video an could probably tell that I was excited about this box before I even opened it up. I’m really impressed by the discreet shipping an that it arrived at my door on time. The box itself is very elegant with a company slap on the front , nicely secured on all edges with tape . As soon as I open the box I was instantly impressed by how everything inside was nicely placed not just thrown in like some of the other boxes I’ve reviewed . I have to say when I saw the bubble wrap I had to see what was under it right away! Under the protective layer of bubble wrap I found a beautiful bubbler that I will absolutely be using!


Something that really makes a good subscription box has to be the glass piece that comes with it. At the price of this box I’m really glad the glass piece was actually something nice and worth adding to my collection .

Alright enough about the glass let’s talk about what makes this particular box different from others I’ve reviewed . To start off Stoner Supply Club really did a great job picking out items that Stoners will actually use and enjoy . I’m the kind of Cannasseur that enjoys a good Stoner movie while munching on some snacks smoking away my days worries, which brings me to the coolest part of this box. They included movies and a nice game that I will have to figure out when I’m not stoned .20151222_091814
Munchies! Again Stoner Supply Club nailed it with the choice of edible items! Not only did they send popcorn to enjoy with my movies, they also included Kool-aid pouch, M&Ms , Tic Tacs its almost like they know exactly what a Stoner needs for a great movie night!!


The essentials that came with the box are generic items we all eventually use, I would of loved a nice lighter to have been included but I’m very happy they sent matches. The fact they include eyedrops is a big plus since dry eyes tend to happen and no one likes seeing someone with painfully dry or red eyes…just thinking about it makes my eyes water.


Stoner Supply Club you guys blew my mind! Guess tonight my wife and I will enjoy a top shelf Movie Night thanks to our new Daily Smoker subscription box! My wife is a huge fan of Tommy Chong so I know she will be excited to watch Far Out Man!

Over all Stoner Supply Club did a great job with its Daily Smoker box , I would recommend sending some slaps and maybe finding a way to ship without the external box.



Stoner Supply Club Subscription Box Review
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