Rap/Hip Hop artist Snypa Da Prophet was born in McHenry, Illinois on February 28th, 1989. Government name “Eric Phillips Jr.” given by his mother and father Sandra Cherry & Eric Phillips Sr., who grew up and lived in Chicago at the time. SDP has family all over Illinois and Wisconsin and has always been back and forth from each other throughout his life. His parents moved him

and his little brother Ricky Phillips to Round Lake, Il by other family members to try and stay away from the gang’s and violence in Chicago. SDP started making music around the age of 17 years old and started off as “Snypa”, a name given to him by a lifelong friend and mentor “Smoke Burna” who got him into recording, which then Snypa added “Da Prophet” a few years later. He then started recording and doing show’s with friends Spooky, Silentz and B-Leave aka Talk Sick Production’s. Where he later met Sicc, Who he would later end up being great friend’s with.


Snypa Da Prophet is now known for his growing success in his involvement with the hip hop group “ Windy City Music”, Which he and Sicc formed together in 2011 along with close friend & graphics designer Quiz. SDP’s music is original and reflects how he lives his life. He’s opened up for some of the biggest name’s in the underground and mainstream music scene’s including: Tech N9ne, Bone Thugs N Harmony, 3-6 Mafia, Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Kottonmouth Kings, Anybody Killa, Liquid Assassin, Hopsin, Lil Wyte. Twisted Insane, Stitches, Axe Murder Boyz & many more.

In 2011 his first official mixtape “One Helluva Ride” released and was hosted by Mars of Mad Insanity Records, which he collaborated with a few time’s along with Sicc & Talk Sick Production’s on the project also. In 2012 he released “Beat Jakkerz Vol. 1”, a free mixtape that’s available on the internet, which has remixes of maintream artists beats. After establishing

himself in the Chicagoland area he set out on his first mini tour with Sicc & The Dirtball of the Kottonmouth Kings in January of 2013. In September 2013 SDP hit the road again, touring across the east coast with former Strange Music artist Liquid Assassin. When it come’s to putting in hard work and giving full dedication, Snypa is on top of his game. He went from recording in trap houses to rocking stages infront of thousand’s of fan’s and building connection’s with some of music’s most established artists.

SDP continues to blaze a path into the music industry and success is not far away for the Windy City Music team as more and more people are following them each day. They’ve proved they can handle the spotlight and will not stop until they succeed. In 2014 SDP debuted his first official studio album “Underground All Star part 1”, a two part album featuring: Hopsin, Lil Wyte, JellyRoll, Twisted Insane, Liquid Assassin, Sicc, Mars, Cryptic Wisdom, Luni Spade, Raven Delavega and Rick G. (Pick up your copy at www.WCMofficial.com)

Thanks for getting to know SNYPA DA PROPHET a little more!

Snypa Da Prophet

FB: sdpmusic
T: @snypadaprophet
IG: snypadaprophet


FB: SiccMusic708
T: @siccchicago
IG: siccchicago


Listen to their newest tracks at https://soundcloud.com/windy-city-music/sets/thecollective

Snypa Da Prophet Of Windy City Music
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