In an effort to wash away the stains that the black-market cannabis industry has left on the newly legalized recreational market, Glisan Buds and Foster Buds have teamed up with a few local and national organizations to help show that the cannabis community was built by productive members of our society on the foundation of giving back to the people around us that need it the most. Glisan Buds has paired with the Toys for Tots™ organization and the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves to help bring smiles to kids in need, both Foster and Gilsan Buds have even created an incentive to help increase donations, offering $5 off any purchase over $20 with any donation. They are also proud to announce that Foster Buds and Glisan Buds have teamed up with Dope Magazine, the Oregon Food Bank, as well as the Cannabis Business Council to start a food drive. Both of these drives will be centerpieces of their Grand Opening event, taking place December 11th-13th.

We’re really hoping to help make a difference in our community, as well as show the still hesitant skeptics that marijuana use is not a one-way path to loserdom. Zachary Dowd

12319231_1040328189320568_114782279_nThey are not the ambitionless, lethargic smokers who sit around playing video games and forgetting our words (well, maybe we forget our words sometimes…). They are composed of new mothers with severe migraines, military veterans who struggle every single day with PTSD and anxiety attacks, teachers whose feet and back feel like they’re going to give out after a grueling school year of late nights and less than appreciative paychecks. They are here to show the world what cannabis can and will offer the world once they release the stigma that for so long has been attached to those that use cannabis.

They have witnessed the beautiful uprising of the cannabis community, and have been on the forefronts for the legalization of marijuana for recreational use and sales in 4 different states to date.

It is a privilege to be setting a standard for the common perception of marijuana users, and we’re showing the world that we come from all creeds, religions, races, and professions. ~Zachary Dowd

Cannabis users (medical and recreational alike) are no different than anyone else in this world; we love/hate our families, we wake up in a warm bed on cold mornings wishing we didn’t have to get up, we flip the pillow over on a hot night to get to the cold side, and we work towards our ambitions with everything we’ve got. While we’re still limited in our ability to indulge in the herbal therapy with true freedom, we’re getting closer and closer every day.

Saving the OMMP team has taken strides in Oregon to ensure that everyone who needs this medicine is able to access it, and they can name several manufacturers offhand that have personally donated hundreds of dollars worth of their products to ensure patients receive the help they need. The medical community has opened more doors than we’d ever thought possible, it has brought an entirely new and positive light to an otherwise dark place, helping erase the taboo that’s followed cannabis use for far too long. It’s taken quite some time, but we are finally seeing a societal acceptance of what has been formerly known as nothing more than “A Stoner”. #savetheommp

Saving the OMMP
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