Where do I start! Roll-uh-Bowl goes with you any place you want it to go. You can smoke it in a hole, you can smoke it with a toad, you can smoke it on a mountain or even in a cave Roll-uh-Bowl doesn’t just bend it flexes without breaking! As someone who has bought and had someone break most glass pieces I’ve owned, RUB was definitely something for me from the moment I took it out of the box I knew this piece would last and go with me anyplace careless people or hazards for glass could be.Love Starr Photography

Love Starr PhotographyThe Fact that this silicone water pipe can actually bend in half and fit in my pocket bowl and all is amazing. The bracelet that comes with it is a great for keeping everything contain even holds a lighter for travel. Both the down stem and bowl fit nicely inside without obstructing the RUB to fold in half.  After close inspection I was really shocked they took the time to include a one way down stem so no water would accidentally shoot back into the bowl when the RUB bounce back after a hit. (Super Cool) Now loading the bowl was super easy and even easier to reload with the spring action bowl!  One of my favorite things to do is take it to parties and accidentally drop it on a hard surface and watch everyone face….instant freak then “WHAT IS THAT”!

What can I say Roll-uh-Bowl is the way to go if you need to smoke on the or at a show 🙂 After reviewing RUB I decided to let my friend “ The Mountain Man” from mountain man E-nails try it out. The moment I showed it to him I could tell he was intrigued, both of use being heavy concentrates users using a water piece for flower was really a full on review. Anyways, The Mountain Man took his new RUB up into the mountains and did a review for us Check it out!

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 Review By: Raven Love Starr

Product Review: Roll-uh-Bowl
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