The VaporCup Deluxe was designed to be the best digital vaporizer in the world.  The discreet stainless steel travel mug shape allows for use in a more private way.  The heating chamber can be removed and cleaned, making every use taste as fresh as the first.  We believe our product to be the finest vaporizer on the market.  Try VaporCup. You will be glad you did… - VaporCup

Discreet and hidden from the naked eye. This Vapor Cup is a must have for public events and family gatherings. It’s easy to use; just slide out the straw to pack it with dry herb, and slip off the cover to set your temperature. A good temperature for your Mary Jane would be 360. It heats up quick in the beginning and slows down the closer it gets to your desired temperature.

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I personally enjoy this product. It vaporizes well with a smooth hit. The smoke in the straw even looks like you’re drinking something.
Although, I would like to see a travel pouch or box for the packing gear and dry herb on the go.

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I highly recommend the Vapor Cup for discreet vaporization.

Product Review: VaporCup
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