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Great question. The short answer is that if you smoke a water pipe,
Tap Dat Ash is the last ashtray you’ll ever need. How many times have you finished smoking a bowl with your favorite glass-on-glass pipe, and then had to struggle to ash it out?Your hands get filthy, right? And there’s always that stubborn little chunk of ash that just won’t come loose, so you start tapping the bowl against an ashtray, or the side of your garbage can, or whatever else is handy . . . and then your bowl breaks. It’s a bummer, especially if the broken piece is one of your favorites.And even if your bowl doesn’t crack or chip, there’s a better than decent chance that you’re going to scatter ashes onto your table or counter top. At best, it makes a mess. At worst, you’ve got a fire hazard from the embers that are still smoldering in a freshly-smoked bowl. By the time you’ve dealt with this stuff, you’re no longer relaxed and happy. You’re stressed out, and ready to smoke another bowl to try to unwind from cleaning up after the last one.tda_1

Well, with Tap Dat Ash, you don’t have to be afraid of cracking a beloved piece of glass. Its hefty silicone rubber construction resists temperatures up to 300° C (that’s around 570° F). Unlike a traditional glass or ceramic ashtray, Tap Dat Ash is unbreakable. And cleanup is a snap because you can put it in your dishwasher and have it come out like new.

Smoking is a leisure activity, and we want you to find the utmost possible convenience when you’re set to relax at the end of a long day. That’s why we’ve put such serious thought into the development of this silicone ashtray. Besides the benefits you’ve just heard about, there are some built-in convenience features.

  • 2 holders sized for 14mm bowls
  • 2 holders sized for 18mm bowls
  • 4 storage troughs for rolling papers, matches or wicks

With Tap Dat Ash, you’ll never fumble while you’re trying to hold a bowl in one hand and fill it with the other. And if you like to burn incense after a smoke but you can’t find your favorite incense burner . . . Tap Dat Ash can help. Put a stick of incense into one of the bowl holders, lean it towards the center, light up and let gravity do the rest! We know you’re going to love it, so don’t be afraid to Tap Dat Ash!

Our Thoughts?

Our Tap Dat Ash came inside of our 420 Kit provided by Synche Enterprises who also provides access to Tap Dat Ash.

We love ours! For one simple fact, I don’t have to fear that one of my stoned buddies will tap my expensive pipe against my ashtray causing either my pipe or ashtray to break. Also the fact that I’ve had a glass ashtray break on me during winter, I was smoking outside during a snowy day when all of a sudden the ashtray shatter all because of a little joint cherry that was burning inside.

We are definetly looking forward to further reviewing this product and showing it off to our friends! Get yours today at

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