What are Puffer Shades?

They are Polarized Sunglasses for the Cannabis Enthusiast: See Things From A Puffer Perspective.


It was a bit of a challenge for me to review the Puffer Shades on my own as I wear prescription glasses that tint and also have Tattooed eyes so hiding my Red Eyes is kinda pointless since I don’t have any red in my eyes…What I can hide is dialted pupils and stoned eyes and that they do without making me look like I just went to get my eyes checked!

I was really impressed at how light and classy the glasses are, while maintaining a sophisticated stoner look. Super happy Puffer didn’t cover the legs with Cannabis leafs or huge logo. Our Puffer Shades came inside a beautiful wooden box and soft bag with the Puffer Logo along with some stickers and a button. The fact that they come in so many groovy colors is also a plus, I’m really digging the color change in the lenses. Another great thing has to be the wooden box that now stores my on the go essentials like my Gigawax Vaporizer.


Our Team decided to take out our Gigawax Vaporizer along with the Puffer Shades for a nice day of reviewing which happen to be a high UV day which would bother any one even more if your eyes are all stoned!!!  On high UV days my eyes feel it the most since the UV in my eyes activates causing the colors to glow a little brighter. One of the things I love about Puffer Shades is the fact that they completely hide my eyes without a overpowering tint or polarization. I’ve worn other Sun Glasses direct to the stoner community and they all seem to make the polarization or tint way to dark to the point walking into a building means you have to take them off or you won’t be able to see anything. I could see myself going out on the town wearing my Puffers at night just to keep the blinding Denver lights out of my eyes or to keep people from staring at my eyes wondering what’s wrong with me.


Puffer Shades was nice enough to send us two pairs, we did notice a small difference between the two. We aren’t sure if its factory problem or part of the design but we found a circular distortion on one pair which in a way is kinda cool if your enjoy them for that reason!

I give Puffer Shades a two thumbs up and the Cannasseur Magazine approval!! We have to add Every Exclusively Sophisticated Cannasseur should have a pair!!

Product Review: Puffer Shades
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