Well you saw the video and what can I say Puffco really did impress me, from the very beginning Puffco made sure to represent its product with nothing but class! The nice padded case just made the already gorgeous Puffco Pro even more elegant .

Sure the vaporizer looks like every other mass market vaporizer but what makes it different is the HUGE atomizer which is also ceramic making the vaping experience more pleasurable , all metal casing and ultra classy lights make it one of the most thought out Vaporizer for the Exclusively Sophisticated lifestyle. I could easily see anyone driving a Ferrari in a super nice suit Puffing on some topshelf extracts enjoying the draws from the ever so classy and efficient Puffco Pro. I could comfortably take the Puffco pro to any Cannabis related meeting and feel confident that it will function as needed and look good while doing it.


The Puffco Pro atomizer has to be one of the biggest and deepest I have ever reviewed, while other Vaporizers focused on design and portability Puffco seemed to have focused on creating a product that delivered desired levels of drawls by providing different temperature levels just a 4 clicks away. Which really makes the difference when you have enough time to take one draw and that is all, raising the temperature level increases the vapor level meaning more good stuff going in ya.

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I have to say my favorite temperature level has to be low, I enjoy a powerful hit with tons of flavor no need to burn up my terps just to acquire a huge powerful Puff. I could instantly tell that the Puffco atomizer maintain a constant heat allowing the oil or concentrate to properly vaporizer while providing a strong and flavor filled draw!!




At first I thought the downside of the Puffco Pro was that no Dab Tool or Charger base was included, then I realized I had tons of bases and tools so sending one would just add to the mass amount of charger blocks and generic dab tools (I collect dab tools so I wouldn’t mind one). Overall I must say wow and *cough* as the Puffco actually got me super Stoned and Relaxed without burning up or wasting my oil!

I think Puffco has replaced my bulky mod as it delivers the same amount of power in a cleaner, sleeker , sexier design that not only fits in my hand but makes me feel Exclusively Sophisticated .

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Product Review: Puffco Pro Vaporizer Pen
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