Fun, flexible, and strong; silicone pipes will spark your interest!

Food-Grade Silicone is coupled with a Food-Grade Stainless Steel (SAE 304) bowl to create a simple piece for your enjoyment.

The Unbreakable pipe, Kazili by Piece Maker Gear, is a first of it’s kind. There’s nothing like throwing a pipe at your buddy who just asked for rip, and seeing the panic we all know, overwhelm them as they desperately try to grab the pipe before it breaks. Only when it hit the pavement, it bounced!

It’s not the everyday pipe, but I’ll be taking this out on my hikes, club night’s and pool trips. Because yes, it floats too!

**Spill-Proof Pipe/Bottle Lid included (color-matched to pipe)



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Watch our product Reviewers hot box their car with a Rasta Kazili


Product Review: PieceMaker Gear – Kazili
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