So they say that the NimbinVap 4.3 is the smartest 4:20 multi tool… More like confusing. I was really looking forward to this product even more so after seeing the packaging, but I was let down the moment I opened up the beautiful coffee style package.  Inside I found a huge spool of hempwick… The Vaporizer needs flame? The wick also came inside a really nice pouch… Still confused as why I need this. Under the huge spool of excess weight was the actual NimbinVap in yet another beautifully designed package. When I open the box there infront of my eyes sat an outdated, wooden pipe with a rubber hose coming out one end… What is this thing? I figured I should read the instructions before I even attempt to use. That was easier said then done as you can see from the picture below the instruction manual font is ridiculously small, or my eyes are getting old and I can’t read that small of font.

nimbinvape (1)

As you could see from my video review I was so confused and over all just disappointed by it, I mean the design reminds me of an old school metal bullet hide-a-toke. The fact that it’s wood just doesn’t make sense, it’s thin and it can easily catch flame; I actually manage to burn the sides when trying to use it as a pipe…This thing is complicated. It has way to many parts, I don’t get why I need to place so many screens inside of it.

nimbinvape (2)

Why so many pieces, and honestly how do you clean it after it gets dirty? The inside of it has a rough wood grain to it, I’ve used this pipe one time and I can honestly say if I would have purchased this item I would have asked the company to return my money .

Sorry NIMBINVap you did not meet my standards for quality.

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Product Review: NimbinVap 4.3
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