An electronic nail is an analog or digitally controlled electrical wiring connected to a titanium heating coil or apparatus. The coil is then attached to a titanium or quartz nail adapter specifically made for the e-nail to sit on a concentrate rig. Using an e-nail eliminates the use of Butane or Propane torches giving the user a safer hit with control on temperature.

insOpening the my Mountain Man E-Nail, package was securely wrapped with my address and a nicely placed sticker on the outside marking the box ‘Mountain Man E-Nail. Inside of the box was a plastic covered information letter, unit, coil, and titanium nail and matching cap!! Not to mention signed by The Mountain Man himself! I was really impressed by the size of the unit as other competitors claim to have the smallest unit yet still have the same box like style. Mountain Man e-nails are built inside a sleek case no bigger than a cellphone (1st generation iphone), sleek sides, long power cord, this unit is built like a tank! I really dig how small and lightweight and portable, with the cord having a Velcro strap to keep everything tightly wrapped. One of the biggest downfalls I see is the fact the controller is not flush wish means the face plate can eventually come off or become damaged, another thing is the cord is bigger than the unit… Not to sure on the quality of the nail after a month of use some heavy oxidation happen even slight metallic taste at high temps….Time for replacement.

The fact that The Mountain Man included instructions on how to use your Mountain Man E-nail in such a personal way, almost like a friend helping you use your new to its best potential.

“Turn your temperature down (580-710*f) for milky thick tasteful dabs or turn it up (750 – 800*f) for those huuuge globs! Either way your going to enjoy your dab sesh better than ever before! Enjoy those flavors” ~Mountain Man E-Nails

So how did The Mountain Man E-nail Perform?

From the moment I set it up next to my dab station I knew this e-nail would be one to not only last but get people asking questions as well. After plugging in my unit and placing my nail on my rig along with coil I turn on my unit dab2to see it instantly start heating up without hesitation. The preset setting were set to 710 a common number for us Dabbers…Since I’ve been using e-nails for a while I decided to drop it down to my preferred temperature. Controls and screen are both easy to use and see, temperature quickly dropped to my desired setting and after a few minutes I was ready to try out my unit with a nice big Colorado Style dab! Which is really the ultimate test since many e-nails claim to be able to handle the load but fall short and end up turning a beautiful golden glob into a pool of hash soup….Oh that really grinds me gears lol.

Temperature set to 680 F, .9 dab was ready so I went for it! Dropped the entire .9 in and watch it vaporize nicely! Even more impressive was the fact the unit was not dropping in temperature but maintaining a constant heat, sure it would drop a few degrees but quickly rise back up. Chines made controllers along with coil  could be a little bit of a turn off for those wanting American made not American Assembled. Seems like another knock off of something original just re branded with lower end products.

Clean consistent vapor, very little heat variations oh and the Carb Cap that came with the unit really help make my low temp dab even better!  I can definitely see how they got the slogan “Melt the Rockies” I’ve been using my unit for a month now and sometimes forget to turn it off for days….not recommending it but it has yet to fail, and is always ready to melt the next glob someone shoves in my face!


Another thing about Mountain Man e-nails that stands out is the customer support, I had the pleasure to also visit The Mountain Man shop and watch him personally build another unit donated to our partners The Zombie Dolls for use at events which made me believe more in the product. Anyways during my visit he received a service call, without hesitation he quickly pulled out another unit and was ready to replace the one his customer was having issues.  Come on tell me another company that will replace the product no questions ask or that will hand deliver a replacement ?

Thank you Mountain Man e-nails for your donation and contribution to the Dabbing Community.


Product Review: Mountain Man E-Nails
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