DENVER, April 16, 2015Mary’s Nutritionals, a subsidiary of Mary’s Medicinals, today announced the availability of Mary’s Rescue Tonic, the first product scientifically developed to reduce the uncomfortable symptoms of cannabis overconsumption.

Mary’s Rescue is formulated with a blend of clinical-grade nutrients and calming plant-based ingredients designed to reduce anxiety, relieve paranoia, and help restore the user to a more grounded state of mind. Mary’s will be providing samples of Mary’s Rescue to attendees of the 2015 Denver High Times™ Cannabis Cup™.

“Mary’s Rescue is designed to relieve some of the uncomfortable symptoms that can result from marijuana overindulgence,” said Martha Montemayor, Certified Nutritional Consultant for Mary’s Nutritionals. “This is the first product that is clinically formulated to help ease the discomfort and anxiety associated with overconsumption.”

The Mary’s Nutritionals line includes products made from Colorado-grown Elite CBD as well as complementary nutritional formulations. Every batch of Mary’s products is laboratory tested for quality, accuracy and consistency.

“When people experience mental stress after ingesting cannabis—either due to over consumption or a change in situation—Rescue is the only product on the market to help reduce the amount of time they feel anxious and too high,” said Nicole Smith, Mary’s Medicinals CEO. “Mary will be at Denver’s Cannabis Cup for anyone in need of rescuing.”

Mary’s Nutritionals products are currently available at fine health and wellness retailers across Colorado. Find all locations here. Products will be available for online purchase and national delivery in Fall 2015.  Source : Mary’s Medicinal  

We received our sampled during High Times Cannabis Cup 2015 in Denver at the Mary’s Medicinals booth after chatting with a few of the staff. I really thought I would use the rescue tonic during the event since it was Denver and HTCC but to our surprise the opportunity never came up. Lets get to the review shall we.

We are so thankful to have received this product as we actually had a day we needed rescuing from our over consumption. Ever wake up thinking you have the day off, no plans and a nice fresh stash or slab? Well this happen to me recently, I woke up like normal with a wake & bake dab ate some breakfast and began to set up for my day of relaxation. Good movie, torch, dab rig and a beautiful golden slab to my side. I was really excited to just relax after working on a few projects that would just not give in to my magic, I swear one website decided it would update midway which destroyed all my work since everything I had done was not saved or did not save do to the update. Anyways, I got my dab ready it must at been at least .3 if not more, boy was it delicious I just had to have another and then another. By the time I realized I had been dabbing for about 30 minutes and was so medicated that I could not get up and could barely keep my eyes open, I felt like someone had taken tape to my eyelids….yes a nap happened.  When I woke up from my nap I was still so very very medicated for some reason I was just completely out of it and could not figure out why until I went into the kitchen for a drink and realized I had used cannabis infused butter.. to make my breakfast..  To make things worst all the work I thought I had fixed last night never actually finished because somehow my power cord had come unplugged and my laptop had shut down midway uploading all the work I had done…Great. So my inbox was full with a customer complaining about His/Her websites and I was too medicated to fix it…. Tada!!! in the corner of my eye I saw a tiny little bottle! Mary’s Medicinal Rescue Tonic! Would this actually work? Would it taste like a shoe dipped in syrup like most energy drinks? No better time to try it than now.

Could it help ease the overwhelming sensation that its to much work for me to accomplish, even calm the anxiety I’m feeling? I mean come on I messed up not only one time but twice!

Mary’s Rescue Tonic to the RESCUE!!!


I took this tiny 2oz bottle with a beautiful label and down the tart cherry flavored tonic down like a shoot of some hemp juice :). The Flavor was actually almost like acacia berry mixed with a little bit of honey and less like tart cherry, I enjoyed it and super glad the smell of vitamin was not the flavor. The instructions read to take the full bottle and lay down in a safe place until the feeling of overindulgence subside. Fair enough another nap it is, turned up Ganja Babe  , made sure my laptop was plugged in and laid down for a nap.

About 45 minutes later I woke up feeling refreshed and less medicated “stoned” even a little bouncy like if I had drank a small cup of coffee. So could I do my work now without feeling distracted or tired? The anxiety of having so much work to do seemed to have dropped now that I wasn’t feeling so stoned / medicated and felt I was able to focus.

Could I do my work?

I started on something simple like replying to emails without forgetting what I was typing or sounding like I was completely blitzed, without any problem I was able to accomplish the task at hand even continued to correct the errors from the night before. I’m actually really impressed by this product as it actually made me less anxious or overwhelmed do to the fact I was heavily medicated and needed to get so much done, even though I feel a nap could of done the same. On the other hand I couldn’t of not woken up and done anything without Mary’s Rescue Tonic as we all know that naps usually don’t fix the anxiety of having picked the wrong strain when work is needed to be done and getting way to stoned.  I was really glad that the Tonic worked and I was able to get all my work done without any further problems and about 5 hours later able to enjoy my dabs without any side effect from the tonic.

This could definitely be a great product for those that feel like they overindulged or simply need to feel a little less medicated / stoned before a task or are simply not enjoying the effects of a cannabis product.

I think the only way for this product to actually have true testing is to skip the nap and try to see if it has any effect, next time I shall attempt this.

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Product Review: Mary’s Rescue Tonic
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