Review Credit: Raven Love Starr, Cannasseur Magazine – Product provided by: Mary’s Medicinals

I must say this review was completely new to me as I have never tried a transdermal patch! Mary’s Medicinals THCa patch did what it says it would! Again I was skeptical that a little patch could calm muscle spasms or keep seizures at bay, I was really surprised after twenty minutes feeling my muscles calm and body relax. At first I did feel a little nauseous but I usually do first thing after a meal.

A few hours into reviewing both products I could really tell a difference, my body was calm I felt a sense of comfort and control. At about 4hr 45min I could feel the patch wearing off and decided to smoke a bowl of flower, talk about a ride! It was like taking a huge bong rip I felt tired and just uber relaxed…Had to lay down for a nap.

At about 6hrs into the review I could no longer feel the comfort feeling and started noticing my legs and arms to tighten and have muscle spasms, at this point I applied one more dose of CBD Transdermal Gel.

I feel the reason my patch started to wear away after 6hr is do to my heavy use of concentrate and body size. Other than that I’m pretty satisfied with the period of time that it did last but would really love the product to last a full half day. The price is also something to consider when purchasing this item for any reason.

The CBD Transdermal gel is wonderful, I could feel it each and every use and it goes great with the patch.   I would definitely recommend both products for travel especially in places that medicating is hard or impossible. The discreetness of both the patch and the pen are something to consider when purchasing either item. I could see the patch being used during car rides, airplane trips or during those long days at the office! Patch did stay on full 12hrs even during sleep, although some lifting did happen, the patch was still on and was a little painful to remove without water or soap “use soap and water when removing” Both products were applied on my left wrist.

The CBD Transdermal Pen is a must for anyone who needs that rapid pain relieve and control!

Products: Mary Medicinals THCa 10mg Transdermal Patch & CBD Transdermal Gel Pen

Reviewer: Raven Love Starr


Product Review: Mary’s Medicinals THCa 10mg Transdermal Patch & CBD Transdermal 2mg Gel Pen
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