Review Credit: Raven Love Star, Cannasseur Magazine – Product provided by: Klear Kryptonite

KLEAR Kryptonite is the first and only shake-free, multi-surface cleaner fueled and formulated by science. Made for the kind of messes only smoking can create (you know what we’re talking about…tars, oils, waxes and resin), this water-soluble product dissolves and washes away built-up residue in just 30 minutes.

No shaking. No soaking. No kidding.  (According to their website)


To start this review I would like to mention I’m cleaning all 710 related products.


Image Credit:Love Starr Photography

I will be using this product on Glass, Metal, and Ceramic to be sure no damage is done to any of the materials by Kryptonite since the label reads it will clean them without damage (also states to try it on a test spot) . I would like to begin with this product is not all natural and has a strong odor that is instantly a turn off for me, the chemical smell is extremely strong (open a window or use outside).  This product is not a full soak product so not much is needed so the smell could be do to the fact I’m cleaning various tools.  To use this product all you have to do is coat the piece with Kryptonite, right away you can see the product work almost like Scrubbing bubbles slowly cleaning as it passes the surface. After fully coating the piece it says wait thirty minutes….Better have a pack up piece as you wait.   Wow the smell is strong….Not cool for someone who is sensitive to smells.

Waiting 20-30min…………..

While waiting I cleaned off my dab tool, no problem super easy clean. Still smell and even made my next dab taste funny.


First item to get rinsed off will be my ceramic nail, I would also like to add that I’m only using Kryptonite one time per piece during this review not doing multiple cleans. Reason for this is many of us don’t want to sit their and have to do it over and over when we know Salt and Alcohol usually does the job!


Image Credit: Love Starr Photography



My ceramic nail wasn’t very dirty to start off with as its not more than a month old and has always stayed clean and gently used. Over all I’m not surprised that the oil cleaned off easily, again something that is throwing me off is the smell even after rinsing off the Kryptonite from my nail I can still smell the minty almost toothpaste kinda smell with a really eye burning smell. I can see this being good for trying to clean tools and pieces for travel, booth removes the resins that develop on the materials and smell.




DabStraw [Image Credit: Love Starr Photography]

Next up is my DabStraw, if you like dabbing on the go this little tool is affordable reliable and durable! I’ve used it for about a month now non stop! If you notice the tip has some burnt material on it, this was done on purpose during testing of the Dabstraw to see its durability I wasn’t surprised that Kryptonite wasn’t able to clean it off with just one pass, it did loosen it up a bit which I believe with one more go it would clean it off.  Over all most of the oil was removed from inside and outside of the glass leaving a sparkling clean surface for the most part, again the smell still remains and is not attractive I’m sure with a few dabs it will be gone (I really hope). I used very little product to clean the glass as it wasn’t very dirty a light coat worked just fine great alternative if you have the time to wait.  Only bad side to using solvents to remove your oils is that you loose the reclaim, using just alcohol still gives you the option to evaporate the alcohol away and reclaim your oils, with Kyroptonite once you apply the product to the piece all oils are no longer able to be reclaimed this is something to keep in mind if you enjoy reclaim.



Image Credit:Love Starr Photography

I have to say I’m really surprised at how well it cleaned out my beaker! I should of removed the down stem before cleaning so that it could of soaked and received the same treatment. Anyways I lightly coated the inside and outside of my beaker (used for oils and concentrates only) waited 30 minutes then rinsed it out with warm water as directed. Something I instantly notice was that the Kryptonite was turning into a bubbly substance when water was applied. After shaking the product around it was very clear that it was working, clumps of reclaim fell off the walls as well as just grim.   Simple rinse and it was clean and ready to be used, if you enjoy the smell of the cleaner. I’m really turned off by how strong the scent is literally burns my eyes and makes me feel like I’m using some kinda of industrial cleaner.  I don’t think I would ever buy this product to clean my pieces on a daily, I would buy it for traveling with my pieces or for commercial use.





Image Credit:Love Starr Photography



I felt like my Pre-cooler/Ash catcher was going to be a challenge since it was pretty caked at the bottom with claim. Kryptonite chewed right threw it without a problem, after the 30 minute wait (required by instructions) all of the oil was off the side walls and most of the claim was liquefied at the bottom and was ready to rinse out.  I poured some warm water inside, shook it up, emptied and to my surprise most of the glass was crystal clear and looked new.  Again the smell remain and even transferred to the water which made my next dab not pleasurable, so I emptied all the water and continued to rinse till I felt it was enough to remove the smell….Sadly it was still their. I’m really turned off by the scent they chose and feel it would be more attractive to people myself if it was scentless.



Over all I would say Kryptonite is a great product for commercial use or for those that need to travel with pieces and want to both clean and conceal the smell from pre-used pieces.  Kryptonite did just what is says, I feel if I would use it one more time with each piece they could easily be fully cleaned.  I really like that the product only requires a small amount to clean just about anything, I’ve used it to clean off my dab tools and even clean off some oil that had stuck to my shirt.  The fact that it exapands into a soap like substance when water is applied is very interesting as I was expecting to have oil stuck to my hands and sink… like Alcohol does. To my surprise it does not leave any residue on either my hands or cleaning area.


Product Review: KLEAR Kryptonite
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