Review Credit: Raven Love Starr, Cannasseur Magazine – Product provided by: HoneyBee Patch Co.

I had the pleasure to review both Mary’s Medicinals and HoneyBee THCa transdermal patch, and I will start off with packaging. The fact that HoneyBee came with a alcohol pad and instructions on placement, which is a must since placement makes a big difference. The Second thing I liked about The HoneyBee Patch Company was it was labeled “WATERPROOF” something I had to test since I had issues with Mary’s at one point start peeling. I placed the patch at around 12pm waited a few hours and felt amazing, body felt relaxed, my spasms completely at ease and my metabolism was active. I would say that both companies have patches I would recommend but definitely recommend HoneyBee for the active body and for those that need a constant dose of medicine. At 6hrs into wearing my discreetly placed patch and working in the garden a shower was much needed and so was a nice bowl of flower, let me tell you smoking a bowl of flower was like taking a dab! After the shower I checked the patch, expecting something so soft and flesh like to peel off a little bit….Guess what! Not a tiny bit! I went to sleep with my patch on, woke up 10 hrs later still on. Sleeping for longer than 4hrs is rare for me so a 10hr sleep session really left me refreshed, what really made me favor this patch was how long the patch lasted! Over 26hrs. With this patch you get a dose of THCa consistent not a powerpunch at first with a slow decrease.

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“If you are on the go, HoneyBee is the way to go!” ~Raven Love Starr

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Product Review: HoneyBee THC-A Transdermal Patch
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