Green Hits Pipe Cleaning Kit

A Boulder, Colorado made product, Green Hits Pipe Cleaner is a food grade, non-toxic, bio-degradable, and eco-friendly solution for glass and ceramic use. I had the pleasure of testing out the full kit, which included: the cleaning solution, miner salt, 6 cotton swabs (not pictured here), a cleaning brush and stickers. My favorite part? There is no smell, no leftover taste, and after rinsing, no residue.

Now it’s been a long time since I cleaned my poor pipe, to long, so while this product is stated as taking only a few minutes to work effectively, I did have to take some time and really clean. But boy am I impressed with the results! As the directions state I used a shot glass for the liquid measurement, one full glass of both cleaning solution and water. After rinsing my pipe in warm water to get out all the loose stuff I started on the cleaning. The solution worked wonderfully with the scrub brush and after breaking through the build up I had created it left my pipe looking really clean, despite the leftover line along the bowl rim that I didn’t scrub to hard at.


Next up I cleaned two water pipes. I started with the Big B, the Bong. Using the same shot glass of water and Green Solution ratio, also adding a cap full of the Miner salt as directed, I then plugged the holes and shook and shook. Unfortunately without the brush being unable to reach most places, just using the liquid and salt solution was not enough to loosen all the bits of build up. However is still did a superb job on both the piece and the stem. I used the same left over liquid I had to then clean my second tiny purple water pipe, and again, great job.


The end result? Clean piece with no tainted smell or taste. Overall the Green Hits Pipe Cleaning Kit gets my ultimate two thumps up and will be my new go-to cleaner.

Seriously, great job, I absolutely love it.

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Live Clean and Green.

-Little Wing, Cannasseur Magazine

Product Review: Green Hits Pipe Cleaning Kit
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