Everyone knows the super unique footed stash container from Dope Jars, right? So of course it would make sense to have a super DOPE Grinder to go along with the already must have Dope Jar! During the Holiday Season Dope Jars released their new product, matching grinders to go along with the variety of art available on their Jars.


The Dope Grinder is Made from Series 7 Aluminum (4 piece Design) Each Grinder comes beautifully etched with the design of your choice

Why Four Levels?GrinderApart

  • Level One – has aluminum teeth used to grind herb.
  • Level Two – is used to Hold already processed herb for later use.
  • Level Three – (Screen) Used to Separate Kief from larger, already processed herb
  • Level Four – Kief collection tray

This Grinder is excellent, the sharp teeth work with ease and the Kief catcher fills up quickly,  and it comes with a little Kief scoop that makes it easy to scrape up top off a bowl with a little golden magic. One thing I love about this grinder is that fact that they inserted a plastic spacer between the top two levels allowing them to slide against each other easily and making it an easy task to break up your nugs.

We’ve used it everyday, and the new Dope Grinder gets two thumbs up from the Cannasseur Team.!

Get yours at Dope Jars on Amazon


Product Review: Dope Grinder by Dope Jars
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