The AccuVape™   C.Stick concentrate vaporizer offers perfect hits every time!

Sleek and simple, the  ACCUVAPEC.Stick personal vaporizer fits in the palm of your hand, allowing vaporization of solid and semisolid concentrates. No movable, easily-breakable parts, combined with a solid-construction, stainless-steel chamber makes this personal vaporizer ideal for users seeking consistent results from a low-maintenance product. The single button design makes the  ACCUVAPEC.Stick one of the easiest personal vaporizers to operate for a perfect hit every time.


Using C.Stick

The function of this vaporizer is amazing. I was a little thrown off by the fact they used some sort of wick in the atomizer which I bet is the reason it delivers such strong vapor. Another plus about C.Stick is that it has a viewing chamber so you can actually see the vapor being delivered and can even look into your atomizer to make sure your not running it dry.

Cstick (2)

Loading the atomizer was extremely simple, all of the caps come off easily even after oils have entered the threads, which I thought would be a problem but hasn’t bothered me yet.


Honestly I went through a full gram of Shatter before I had to charge my pen and even the charging was as simple as unscrewing the atomizer and plugging into the charger, a few hours later it was ready to use.


The only downside to the C.Stick is the fact that the viewing chamber is plastic, this causes vapor to collect on the sides, eventually turning into oil. It builds up around the atomizer and drips down onto the threads making it a little difficult to unscrew. The plastic tube also makes collecting your reclaim difficult.

My Thoughts?

C.Stick By AccuVape blew my mind and as you can see in the video above it definitely delivered a strong, flavor filled hit. I didn’t think I was going to like this vaporizer for the fact it had so many plastic parts but I was proven wrong. Even though the lid comes off easily it’s still not a problem since most of the time I have the cap off while it sits on my desk, and when it goes in my pocket the lid goes on to make sure I don’t get lint all over my mouth piece. The Temperature on the C.Stick is perfect, I can vaporizer shatter, crumble and even live resin without any change in performance or flavor quality and I have to say it’s my choice pen for now.

Cstick (1)

The fact I’m able to load about .3 inside of the atomizer really excites me since I love sharing with my friends and usually have about five heads when we sesh.  I’ve even used it as a portable e-nail and plugged it up to my rig to get some water filtration going and let me tell you, it gave a really, really good hit!

C.Stick Thank you for sending us such an amazing product to review and to give away! Hope you enjoyed our review.

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Product Review: CStick By Accuvape
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  • Celeste Miranda

    The clear ‘plastic’ chamber is a polycarbonate chamber, which is plastic technically but a stronger form, so let’s make sure we use that term when we send them out or describe it. Also, the reason the chamber is polycarbonate is because most people break their glass chambers. This chamber has passed the ‘step test’, which makes it more durable than glass. Also, this chamber requires a 10 minute soak in alcohol when build up appears on the inside and on the threads, to prevent sticking and breaking. This will allow the chamber to last a VERY long time, if taken care of. We offer replacement parts, including this chamber and when you buy a replacement top, we actually give you 2 clear polycarbonate chambers which no one does–it is a great value.

    Also, the battery has a lifetime warranty.

  • Rick Herring

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