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Cannabox is an exclusive monthly membership box, similar to a magazine subscription. Except, instead of sending you magazines we send you a themed gift box full of awesome products! As you become a Cannabox member, you will begin receiving monthly shipments of new and exciting essentials, cool gear and other fun stuff our team of experts finds that you may have never have heard of or tried in the past.

What’s in Cannabox?

The Cannabox includes 6-9 hand-picked, of the latest and greatest accessories and novelties. Items like; rolling papers, t-shirts, books, and accessories. We also include indy items not found anywhere else! While we do not guarantee a value that each Cannabox is worth, we do guarantee that it will be valued equal or greater then your membership fee! (average Cannabox value is between $40-$60)

Did we like CannaBox Service?

We have never been so excited about publishing a review as we are about this one! CannaBox knocked it out of the ballpark with this amazing subscription boxes. Not only did our box arrive safely, discreet and to our door but to our surprise was a day early from its scheduled date!

Another thing we valued about CannaBox was the customer service, fast to reply to emails with real people not just a relayed or template message!

What was inside?

10398659_1657513177812365_6504792752898052694_nThe Box that we received was “SUPERHIGH” a super hero / villain related theme, which was on point! The Coexist sticker was something I had seen before and really wanted one so getting one in my box was a plus! Everything in the box fit the theme, down to the rolling papers and munchies.

Although I would never really use the sunglasses for everyday use they did come in handy when visiting an outdoor cannabis event, so glad I had them!

The best part of this box was that I got something I needed which was the microscope to view trichrome development with! By itself the microscope is worth the price of the box!

Everything in this box is quality down to the pipe! Although I have to mention the pipe was meant for a left handed person, which also turned out to be a good thing since my neighbor broke his and happen to be left handed!

This box did not come with excessive packaging nor did I feel like any of the items where just thrown in as fillers, I’m definitely going to continue my subscription and would recommend anyone who is looking to get a monthly gift in the mail for a small fee. The price for Cannabox is a little higher than other subscription boxes, that being said the products inside seem to be of higher quality.

Check them out you wont regret it!!!

Check out the awesome Video Unboxing by YouTube User PhrankieC 87

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