I was really looking forward to this subscription box since I saw advertisements for it all over the place and had heard good things too from other reviewers. I have to say yes the package was on time and discreet but it wasn’t what I expected.

Inside of the Buddabox I could tell right away the size of the Buddabox was decieving, I was really expecting some quality products and maybe a bigger pipe. I was really let down from the moment I open the box and saw cheap headshop items… So the pipe is basically useless to me since my fingers are way too big for this tiny generic pipe that seems to come with every box at one point. A lighter would have been a nice addition since they included a lighter leash…also no blunt sticks to use the splitter with..

I can honestly say that I expected more from this box.. As you can tell from the video I was ready to just put the box away… Sorry BuddaBox you really didn’t impress me with this box.

Maybe in the future some name brand items or a quality piece of glass would make it stand out more in this competitive market. The lack of promotional material like stickers and flyers for all the items in the box is a turn off, how can I find the items inside if I can’t locate them. BTW NickleBags is now Dime Bags ..



Product Review: BuddaBox
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  • Little Wing

    I thought the box was a bit of a letdown, lots of generic plastic throw away items.

  • Dcb

    Don’t subscribe, the box is a real let down. For twenty bucks a month, they’ll send you about fifteen dollars worth of stickers, cheap lighters, and an even cheaper pipe. Don’t believe the pictures on their website.

  • We share the same thought.

  • Cali toker

    Don’t buy my glass item was broken and they blocked all of my messages and all I wanted was a refund. BAD Buddabox!

  • Zack Morris

    dont buy from here. horrible customer service. horrible shipping. bait and switch advertisement. youll get the product at some point and immediately be let down.

  • Chase N Smith

    Once my subscription was up, they renewed it without notifying me or permission. Just took the money from my account. No where on their website does it say this will happen. Ive tried contacting them with no reply. They’ve since blocked me on their fb page for trying to let people know.

  • We are attempting to communicate with the company and get this issue resolved.

  • Ryan Buddah Odinn

    They sent out this crappy free box 710, the rig was like 10$ and the nail broke right away. 5days past the delivery date and all they can say is it’s a vendor issue. Ya’ll are blazing on Twitter with this month’s box. It’s a scam. All day long. Oh yeah, I’m sure all those stickers you sent me are well worth the 59$ I spent. Pathetic Griffin.

  • katie

    BUDDABOX FUCKING SUCKS. there is no option to cancel on their website so i emailed them and they said it was cancelled. next month i got charged and bounced at the bank. i reported fraud to my bank. they dont even send rolling papers and really who needs a new bowl every month?