What is 420 Goody Box?

ANSWER: A monthly subscription goody box for those that live the Smokin’ Lifestyle. Every month receive a mystery box filled with different munchies, smokin’ gear and the latest magazines to enjoy

When you sign up for 420 Goody Box, every month you will receive a chockful of smokin-gear, goodies, novelties, munchies and more. Packed with goodies from the best known and indie brands around, it’s a discovery box that will surely light up your day.

The 420 Goody Box is delivered to your door once a month. You get cool new products and supplies and the latest goodies making the rounds. We’ve partnered with the best in the biz so you get first dibs on pure awesomeness.  And that’s not all. We take indulgence to the highest level with the finest selection of smokin’ accessories, novelty items, munchies, magazines and more. From beef jerky to gourmet popcorn…
we’ve got you.

420 Goody Box makes a perfect gift – especially to yourself. We pack so much of the good stuff, it’ll be your ‘highlight’ of the month!

Whether it’s for you or a friend, 420 Goody Box is a monthly necessity for anyone that lives the smokin’ lifestyle.

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postbox-image11We are extremely excited to bring you our 420 Goody Box Review! As some may or may not know 420 Goody Box is one of the subscription boxes available to legal cannabis states for a small monthly fee of $27.98 includes S/H which isn’t bad considering some of the products could be anywhere from a few dollars to nearly the price of the subscription itself. The one month subscription includes 5-8 Awesome Items, Discreet Shipping, Plan Renews Monthly, and you can cancel anytime, something that could come in handy when you really can’t afford to stay on the plan but can’t afford cancellation fees some other companies may have. We do have to mention that our boxes did not come on time which was not a problem since they arrived one week before my birthday….so kinda was a plus having random packages to open.  The fact the packaging did not giveaway the contents really played a factor since they sat outside my door for a few hours while I ran some errands.


The Team at 420 Goody Box was kind enough to send up 2 months March and May not sure why they skipped April but it happen, probably had something to do with the large amounts of sign ups they received during the 4/20 holiday. 420 Goody Box services was amazing the did no hesitate to send out a box to have reviewed, we would of loved to receive the proper month and proper delivery day so we could properly review the service they offer. One thing I truly dislike is being told a package has been shipped only to find out that it was never shipped or something has gone wrong without being made aware if the delay keeping me waiting like a kid on Christmas.

Opening my boxes, was so exciting that I failed to record myself opening them. Please excuse the lack of detailed on each product, we feel the review is not on to focus on individual products but as a whole.

Out of the two boxes we truly have to say we enjoyed the March box the most, it seemed to be put together better keeping the theme all on the same track. This box had everything you would need for a camping trip or even just a day hike, our favorite part was getting to eat the chocolate bar included after enjoying a nice joint rolled in the Pure Hemp Papers that came included, wish they would of included a rolling try as that would of made it perfect! Other than the fact that my Collapsible Camper smoker was red I loved everything in the box, nothing was broken, theme seem to be on the same page. I’m honestly thinking of signing up for a few more months just to further review the quality of deliverance of the product.

I was able to either use or gift basically every item inside, some which have become part of my everyday use like the small glass jar, pipe and bubbler. I would love to see a build your own box or something along the lines of getting to choose what kind of boxes you get. We notice the Top Shelf boxes they offer,  seem have a larger amount of items and maybe higher quality, looks like we have another review to do.

We have to give 420 Goody Box the Cannasseur Magazine 100% approval! Definitely something any cannasseur can and will enjoy if they have the budget for it.



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Product Review: 420 Goody Box
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