I would like to start off with that I did not get paid to do this review or any.

I have tried pharmaceutical patches to help with pain, that did the job but turned me into a zombie and created more of a problem than a solution. I’m a big supporter of using cannabis other ways than just smoking/eating.  Transdermals are new to the scene and currently dominated by the company Mary’s Medicinals, which I happen to had the pleasure to review.  Before I actually start the review I would like to mention I suffer from muscle spasms, nerve pain, and seizures, that being said lets get started on this Side by Side Review.


Mary’s Medicinal Transdermal 10mg Transdermal Patch with 2mg Gel pen which is recommended to use with the patch.  My initial review of this product was that I really liked it. The packaging was amazing (a little hard to open, but a good thing to keep meds away from children). After opening the patch and removing the content I instantly notice something that would bother me if I was having a bad muscle spasm day, the clear film on the patch is extremely hard to remove. Another thing to take into consideration was the fact no Alcohol pad was included to clean off the area, this is something that could potentially be a bad thing since the oil on the skin keeps the patch from sticking properly to deliver the medicine.2

“A few hours into reviewing both products I could really tell a difference, my body was calm I felt a sense of comfort and control. At about 4hr 45min I could feel the patch wearing off and decided to smoke a bowl of flower, talk about a ride! It was like taking a huge bong rip I felt tired and just uber relaxed…Had to lay down for a nap.

At about 6hrs into the review I could no longer feel the comfort feeling and started noticing my legs and arms to tighten and have muscle spasms, at this point I applied one more dose of CBD Transdermal Gel.”


While wearing the patch I also experience nauseous and a bit paranoid, even though I had those sensation I continued the review which was overall not that bad.

I was a little discourage by the fact that the patch only lasted 6 hours, for the price I would expect a full days worth of medication.  Over all Mary’s Medicinal Products are great. The patch does state 12 hours of lasting effect when worn continuously which I decided to wear for 24 to see if any effect lasted past its stated amount.   I did also review all of the Mary’s Medicinals Transdermal patches line and felt the same effect from them, great product just not for me.


Present Organics 30mg Transdermal THC-a patch, I have to say after trying Mary’s Medicinals I was not expecting to enjoy this review at all.

11106466_10203958484864287_1105762176_nLets start with the packaging, the patch came in a nice white plastic sealed bag with a simple yet stylish label nothing fancy but to the point!  With the medical properties clearly labeled . Inside was direction on use, an alcohol pad and patch, although the patch still had the clear film on the bottom and was hard to remove it having the alcohol pad made up for it. So application was simple everything I needed was included, I personally like using my patches behind the ear or top of my back near my neck being waterproof I never have to worry about having it peel off.

After placing the patch within 20 minutes I had forgotten it was even there, I felt relaxed medicated and completely energized and active. One thing I notice the most was how hungry I would get “something that is not normal for me” no nausea like with Mary’s. I could instantly tell the difference in the patches, with Present Organics I know I’m medicated for the fact I don’t need to use other cannabis medication along with the patch.  During the review I was super active as the patch allowed me to have my active life back, I was doing dishes, cleaning the house and helping my friends move things. My body and mind where both relaxed but not tired like I felt with Mary’s.  At about 12hrs into wearing it I finally decided to sit down and have a session of some concentrates…session never happen. I got everything ready looked at the time and fell asleep, of course it was 1 am at this point.

The next morning I woke up feeling refreshed, not only was I clear headed but I notice no muscle spasms and I was hungry! So 23 hours into wearing my Present Organics patch I could still feel it doing its job! After a shower and some breakfast I went on with my day forgetting about the patch since it was working so well.  I would not only recommend them for anyone who needs to medicate discretely but to anyone who want their life back! Thanks to HoneyBee and Present Organics I was able to enjoy the first day of spring without fearing I would be in pain or suffer form a seizure!

Overall I would have to pick Present Organics over any patch company! I would also like to add that the B12 patch is amazing, great combination and way to intake your vitamins!

“Its really nice being able to go to bed without feeling like my hands are going to explode” The Mountain Man

Present Organics is 100% Cannasseur Magazine Approved!


Review By: Raven Love Starr


Present Organics VS Mary’s Medicinals Transdermal Patches
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