Last week Veterans were basically given a free ounce of high CBD marijuana from the LivWell recreational dispensaries in Denver. Granted by law they had to pay at least one cent, which most of the tenders supplied.

As a military veteran myself I did take advantage of this amazing deal. It can be very costly too keep up a healthy non pharmaceutical lifestyle as a veteran on disability. The stress relief alone from the cost was enough to make some veterans shed a happy tear.

The high CBD cannabis provided by Livwell is perfect for any patient in cronic pain without getting that massive head high from the high THC buds. Buds high in CBD act more like a body high, relieving the every day pains people like me suffer from.

LivWell dispensaries, I, a former USArmy SGT, thank you deeply for what you have done. You’ve truly done a great service. Making a difference where it is greatly appreciated.

One penny ounces given to Veterans last week!
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