Most of us can probably can say that we have at one point in our life lit up a fatty while listening to some Weird Al Yankovic or maybe some Tenacious D, mouthing if not singing along to every hilarious lyric. I’m a huge Tenacious D fan and can personally sing to just about every single one of his songs, some would say it’s terrible music, some would say it’s tasteless. One thing for sure about both of these men is that they stand out from the rest of the bunch by refusing to stick to what is “Normal” or “Accepted” by society, thus making them Legends. During my interview I asked Chief Greenbud what inspirations or musical idols he would enjoy playing with?


“For me, I think I would rather write than play with them. Of course I would never turn down the opportunity to perform, but writing brings out this creative connectivity that allows you to interact in a different way than performing does.Willie Nelson would be at the very top of my list. He has been an inspiration for so many years. An incredible songwriter, performer, spokesperson and from what I hear, an all around great guy. And I can’t forget about the D O double G himself, Snoop Dogg. Yeah writing a song with Willie and Snoop. That would be about perfect. “

Even though I have heard some of Chief Greenbud’s music I wasn’t entirely familiar with his style or variety of styles so I really didn’t know what to expect from this album. Personally I really enjoy remakes of songs especially when it’s turned into something hilarious or just straight up wrong, if you can’t enjoy a comical song you don’t deserve to listen. At first I was really turned off by the Country or Folk style to this album for the fact that I’m not much of a country music fan but I did go into this understanding that his music comes from Tennessee so I was prepared with a few extra joints. The first 30 seconds of the first song I was ready to skip right thru it but I gave it a chance and by the end of of it I had forgot I had a joint in my hand and found my self s singing along to “Fire it UP”. Even though I don’t normally listen to country I can see my self enjoying a nice cold one while smoking on a fatty in a nice family environment, gladly I can do this since I live in Colorado where it’s legal.

Honestly this album really grew on me, with lyrics that really characterized legalization and the stoner lifestyle. I think the lyric “Big Pharma your nothing but legalized Thugs” really hit me hard as I refuse to allow big pharma in my life after watching friends, family and society be destroyed by demon that is Big Pharma! I had to know what inspired this and when I asked him he said,

“The obvious answer would be marijuana. lol As a songwriter, I am always listening. Looking for ideas and lines or hooks I may be able to use for a song. I don’t even realize I am doing it anymore, it’s just second nature. I’ll be having a conversation with someone and be like “oh, that’s a good line for a song” or “that’s a song title right there”. I love to write and am so thankful that people are enjoying what I do. That too, is inspiration. “

Good thing he decided to write down those little spurts of musical genius like the lyrics to Wake and Bake, honestly this album is perfect for those chill stoner days.

After Listening to the album all the way through a few times I can honestly say one of my favorite songs on this albums has to be “One Thumb Up” for the simple fact that as soon as it came on I wanted to grab my wife and dance with her like I did one night up in the Kentucky Mountains while sipping on some moonshine and blazing on that good o’hillbilly Kush! When I asked him to pick one lyric from any song that explains your music what would it be and what song? He said, “There are actually two songs that quickly come to mind. The first lyric is ‘Why should we do time, for a victim-less crime’ from “The Legalization Song” on my first CD. The second comes from ‘Volume 4‘, in a song I wrote called “iBake“. ‘I can’t wait for the day when my state says okay, and I won’t waste a minute being afraid I bake’. ” Such powerful words and message come from those lyrics no wonder he chose them to define his music.

I notice right away that this album was a bit different from the music I had listened to before from him, which was not much mostly parodies of popular songs. Which made me wonder if he felt the same about this particular release.

“For me, every album I have released has been unique and special in it’s own way. But, with that being said, I really feel this is some of my best writing to date. “

Some would say Bob Dylan was a “Rebel rebelling against the rebellion” -Rolling Stones that could also be said about Chief Greenbud, a man who turned a drug arrest into a prospering music career. By endorsing Cannabis and poking at how he was treated “For a little bit of Pot” Chief Greenbud was able to create a sub genre of music for Stoners and Cannabis supporters of all ages.
You don’t necessarily have to be a Stoner to enjoy his music but you do have to be open minded as it might not be for everyone.

Over all I have to give this album my 2 thumbs up and a Cannasseur Magazine 100% approved! Really looking forward to one day seeing him play live, who knows we might just book him for one of our upcoming events!

Find out more about his newest CD to be release August 25th 2015 Click the image below to pre-order.


Listen to Chief Greenbud by clicking HERE

Music Review: Chief Greenbud Volume #4
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