The following article was written by Dr. Amanda Reiman, who is the California policy manager for the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA). Based in San Francisco, Reiman leads the DPA’s marijuana reform work in California. She has conducted numerous studies on medical marijuana dispensaries, medical marijuana patients, and the use of marijuana as a treatment for addiction. She is also currently a lecturer in the School of Social Welfare at the University of California–Berkeley and lives in Oakland with her cat, Mama Cass.Having an animal companion is one of the greatest joys in life, and supporting him or her through illness and the end of life can be one of the most difficult times. As human caregivers, we want to know that the treatments we are giving our animal companions are effective, humane, and causing more good than harm. Given that our animal friends may not be able to show us how they are feeling with complete accuracy, we are often left to make decisions about their medical treatments based on advice and good intentions.This was the situation I was recently in when my kitty of 11 years, Monkey, was diagnosed with intestinal cancer. The tumor was not operable, and the vet believed that the best course of action was to keep her feeling as good as we could for as long as possible. The cancer has caused her to lose a lot of weight, and she was having trouble sleeping. I decided to mix a little cannabis oil in with her wet food and was astounded at the difference. She started acting like a kitten again, able to eat and play. She slept and purred and acted like herself again. Even though I ended up losing her to cancer several months later, in that time I got to enjoy her for the kitty she was, not watch her slowly disappear before my eyes. I had shared with my vet that I was giving her these treatments. My vet was supportive, and as a medical-marijuana patient in the state of California, I had access to the medicine that she needed. It was through researching this treatment that I discovered that medical marijuana for animals was not a new concept and was not as “out there” as I had originally thought.

Source: Medical Marijuana for Animals: A Case for Compassion | Companion Animals | Living | PETA

Medical Marijuana for Animals: A Case for Compassion | Companion Animals | Living | PETA
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