IMPORTANT: I made this video because I wanted to show everyone just how easy it is to start healing. USE A WELL VENTILATED AREA. NO SMOKING. NO FLAMES.
If you Only have controlled fire or gas stove, use a double boil with a large enough
pot where the fumes will have a hard time reaching the flame. Keep flame low. Alcohol
is flammable. Its best to stay safe.

I notice many of you are contacting me regarding cancer treatment. I am not a Dr, and I am not your Primary Caregiver. I can not treat you. I can tell you what I would do if I had your ailment, thats it.

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For cancer, once cancer treatment is started, it should not stop until clear scans have been achieved, 3 months after you initially receive clear scans, than dropping down to 50-75% original dose for another 3 months receiving clear scans again and finally may be capable of dropping down to 10% original dose, for life. Welcome to addressing your Endocannabinoid deficiency. So please, dont start till you have a trusted consistent supply, or atleast one that wont allow you to have a ‘dry’ period where the medicine is not available… but dont waste any time. If you start and stop before treatment is up, you can potentially aggravate the cancer and it may come back with a vengeance

I would start with 1/4 size a grain of rice, or .05ml, every 2-3hours, drinking lots of healthy sourced water. I would work my way up to as close to a 1000mg of thc per day, or 1-2gm of oil a day, with in the first week, its not a gram at once to start..its a gram throughout the day depending on age height weight and metabolic rate of the patient ( metabolic rate refers to how fast their digestive system is). Eventually, I can get up to as much as I can tolerate, the more I put in me throughout the morning day and night I can create an unsucceptable environment for cancer to thrive in my body. Diet, being most important!

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1. Gather materials: cheese cloth, cooking medium (butter maker, rice cooker, stovetop), small pot, large pot, pan, wooden spoon, spatula, scale, fan, ethanol or ever clear, material (trim, flowers, no stalks,!! – ground up dry is best), cooking thermometer, parchment paper, *extracts for added strength, paper towels, isopropyl alcohol for cleanup, *organic unrefined coconut oil or 100% cocoa butter

2. Clean working space & tools

3. gauge cooking medium – cook water; take temp. touch therm gauge bottom temp

4. quick wash – use wooden spoon & big pot, bath & stir for at least 60 seconds. second wash acceptable for atleast 1 week

5. strain – use clean cheese cloth, strain into smaller pot

6. cook – double boil, keep rotating don’t let burn remove from heat when no longer runny. use fan to blow directly over the top of the cooking medium from start to finish, use clean cheese cloth to drape over cooking medium (safely) so that no dust particles blow into the oil from the fan, also make sure no open flames, cigarettes, bowls, or joints close. scrape onto parchment, weigh once finished, weigh parchment first, then reweigh oil after to determine actual weight. You can refrigerate, wait 20-30minutes for it to harden, or can skip, keep in pot, and go to step 7

7. homogenize (this is also the step for decarboxylation {activating our oil}) –
Before delving into step 7 you may want to weigh your oil. Use scale. use cacao butter for suppository or coconut oil for other. straight works but coconut oil or butter is a better delivery method..
research Decarboxlyation Cannabis temps.

** coconut oil or cocoa butter, a 1:1 ratio is acceptable,compensate for dilution (topicals can use more coconut oil) Use your favorite oil, or butter, reheat in the bowl to activate leftover oil or butter to store for later use when making medicated edibles. Bon Appetite!

*Decarb – to activate the cannabinoids from raw acid form to active form it is necessary to decarb or thermally activate. Raising the temp of the oil or cooking for longer period of time on lower temp may help achieve this. Feel free to research boiling points of dif cannabinoids such as thc thca thcv cbd cbn, etc so figure out what temp you do not want to exceed in order to retain desired profile.

bilingaul version spanish-english on this channel for anyone who needs it!


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How To Make Cannabis Oil in 7 Easy Steps 
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