Hemper Subscription Box Review


If you are looking for a subscription box full of fun stuff, then I recommend Hemper.co.
However, when I received the Hemper box it was not secure. I was able to just slide off the cover, so I didn’t have the comfort in knowing the product was safe during shipping, but this can be easily fixed if looked into.
Hemper Box Full Photo Destin Grant Photography
Hemper.co definitely surprised me when I opened it up. PlentyIt had plenty of unique glass pieces, stickers, and a variety of rolling gear that is just plain fun.
I mean; a mini glass joint mouth piece, $100 bill rolling papers, the King size Raw Rolling papers (not the small ones), filter papers, and a cone full of pre-filtered ready to fill joints. How cool is that?! I’ll be surprised if I can use all this in one month!
Hemper rolling goodies Destin Grant Photography
The glass pieces are unique and also great quality. The mini bong is a dab rig and a dry herb bong! I couldn’t help but be excited to have a double use bong that fit in my hand.
Hemper Glass Pieces Destin Grant Photography
I am very pleased with Hemper.co.
You definitely can’t go wrong with this company!


Hemper Monthly Subscription Box Review
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  • Brad Harp

    Hemper is terrible. We had it for Feb March and April and they never shipped our boxes until we emailed and didn’t get them until about the 15th of the following momth. ONE MONTH after we paid for it. Their customer service is also horrible. Avoiddddddd.
    There are much better subscribtions out there.

  • Fuck hemper

    Agreed very horrible customer sevice. Im near the end of my second three month subscription and am furiuosky upset with them. April box didnt come until may 15th, may box maybe week after.._ ok. July 10th now and no confirmation as of yet for july box even though i emailed and was told by end of first week of july, june box would ship wtf. So out of five moths now two shipped decent time, oh and pieces are same crap small bong i have to hit and fill up four times to get a good hit. Ty for ur garbage and crap service