Frosin Drops vs Phoenix Tears vs BHO


Alright this guy seems to have developed a new technique but the spoon and lighter really look bad, come on man you could of at least used a glass dish or something other than a metal spoon and lighter!

Has anyone else tried making frozen rosin of fresh rosin? Do you see a better yield medicine?

Could this be the end of BHO ?



This is a how I am making a solventless hash oil with ice , water and some heat.
Phoenix Tears is a hash oil also but it is made with a petrochemical , Isopropyl alcohol and it is very explosive and it taste bad.
Frosin Drops are made with Ice, water , heat and coconut oil for better absorption that taste good and is non explosive method of making hash oil.
I have had good conversations with Rick and Barry and Rick said to me , Make The Medicine and that is what this video is about, cannabis saves lives and this is how I make my medicine that is safe healthy and effective .
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Frosin Drops vs Phoenix Tears vs BHO
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