It’s no secret that Australians know how to party, but this is pretty next level, if you ask me—a lifestyle hammer at its finest! Talk about every skaters dream!!!

Here at Afends we’ve jumped on the hemp bandwagon and are riding this proverbial train to more sustainable pastures. To celebrate our self proclaimed sustainable legends status, we headed out to the largest hemp field in Australia, threw together a half pipe (literally, we built it on the day – DIY till we die!), and skated the crap out of our mini ramp right in the centre of a damn hemp field. Along with us we bought Australian skaters Boyd Young and Bibi Bradbury, videographers from Flamingo Amigo, photographer Sam Nolan and we threw in surfer Josh Sleep for good measure. Oh, and a few cartons of VB. Classic.Featuring music by Brooklyn band, The Mad Doctors.Filmed and Edited by Flamingo Amigos

Source: YouTube

Every Skaters Dream! A half Pipe In a Pot Field!!
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