Ever hear about a party on a weekday? Well Jason Burruss Owner/Curator at Purple Couch decided a Thursday would be the perfect evening to blow everyones mind with a huge event on a weekday. If you haven’t heard about Jason Burruss as an Artist or the event he put together last year then you might be living under a rock in the middle of another cosmos; Jason not only has amazing talent with wire but he has the ability to drive hundreds if not thousands of people out of their homes to attend his events.


Art by: Jason Burruss x Jameson Siudut

From the moment I entered the Glitter Dome, which is located in Denver, Colorado, I felt an invigorating feeling of happiness and positive vibes. I was greeted by a group of very enthusiastic people with smiles on their faces, radiating an abundance of love! Not sure if the crew at Purple Couch planned the event to fall on National Hug Day but it sure worked out in their favor as people seem to enjoy the door fee of a hug or a dance. Something that really made this event amazing was the lack of Alcoholic beverages; most events tend to focus on alcohol which can ruin the vibes (no one likes the drunks). Everything about The White Out event was perfection, from the decorations to the layout and set up. Entering the Art gallery section of this event felt like walking into a mini festival with each artist having ample room and lighting to display his/her work. I would recommend providing a little more room for people to walk in and out of the gallery nextime, it was a rather tight squeeze as many people stopped to admire the beautiful pieces.


Photography By: Lindsey Foy

One of my favorite parts of the event were the visuals provided by Pickles Visuals that were projected on three large screens, two of which stood from floor to ceiling allowing guest to dance in the projections. Every transition was breathtaking, almost made me feel like a kid again looking up at fireworks!  Along with the amazing visuals was the music and performances provided by ErothymeYuYuCualli (ft. Sophia Dhara Boedecker), Moon FrogJason BurrussEukarya, and Michael Svenson (Acoustic Opening).


Photography By: Lindsey Foy

Not only did Purple Couch plan a magical experience with aerial arts, live painting and music but they had a Healing Center provided by Anita Griego and Nina Johnson. Overall Jason and his crew did such an amazing job with this event that at one point I found myself feeling thankful for knowing such a positive and humble man. I’m looking forward to the next Purple Couch event which I’ve heard rumors that it will be March 24! Be sure to check out the event page so you don’t miss the next magical evening!

Jade Frog Tea Arts

Jade Frog Tea Arts

Thank you Jason and everyone else for the amazing night!

Glass Art By :
Yoshinori Kondo Glass Art
Maki Kawabe
Akio /// Akihisa Izumi
Eush /// Eusheen Goines
BMFT /// Brendan Taylor
White Monkey /// Regis P Turocy
Sven Glass /// Michael Svenson
Jameson Siudut

Jewelry Art By :
Orgone-Eyez™, Flower Fairy Designs, and Jason Burruss Designs

Live Painting By :
Chelsey Crandell, The Artwork of Stephen Kruse, Elizabeth Banker Art,Molly Gardner’s Art Page, Artwork of Samantha Cauchy, ChelseaLyn Graeber, Olive Love /// Kozmic Kind, Andrew Norris Arts, and Zac

Performances By :
Fractal Tribe, Addie Pitre, Lindsey Mullins, Tommy von Flowington III, Regal Nouveau, Austen Cricket, and Christopher Blessit Bonzani

Food and Non-alchoholic Revitalizing Tonics and Kombuchas By :
Soltribe Cuisine, Injoy Integration, and Spirit of the Herbs

Tea Ceremony by Jade Frog Tea Arts

Healing center provided by Anita Griego and Nina Johnson


Event Review: Purple Couch – The White Out
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