Terrapin Care Station
on Folsom St, Boulder, CO

A lovely, spacious location with a nice waiting room and wonderful staff. The prices are pretty good, ranging from affordable to top shelf and their selection can vary based on demand. A recreational Dispo, and my favorite location, one of the awesome features of Terrapin Care Station is their awesome app!


A short download, the app is pretty easy to use. Just choose your location, select the product(s) you want and checkout. Once you arrive let the nice folks at the front desk know you placed an order. I usually chat with the security and employees for only a few minutes before it’s my turn. Getting to skip to the head of the line is the best part of using the app! You’re next in the door and ready to purchase the order, pay, pick up, and back out you go. Though if you linger to chat you’ll find the Bud Tenders are very friendly and great to converse with; you’ll get to see the same smiling faces the more you visit. The prices are pretty reasonable and they also have different discount days through the week that I love to take advantage of.

Overall Terrapin Care Station on Folsom is my go-to location for product. Awesome service, awesome people, and an awesome experience! Check them out and find a Rec/Med location near you: http://www.terrapincarestation.com/menu/folsom-rec-menu

– Little Wing, Cannasseur Magazine

Dispensary Review – Terrapin Carestation
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  • Ashley Sowers

    Hey Little Wing! It’s Ashley from Terrapin. Thank you so much for the amazing review! We appreciate your business and love seeing you as a regular customer. You rock! 🙂

  • Little Wing

    Thank you ashley! And thanks for being one of the awesome employees who make the place warm and friendly!