I know everyone is always on that “If it don’t shatter it don’t matter game” well I will tell you this I dab a lot and I’ve reviewing many different concentrates. Usually when I see runny wax I think oh no its not purged right and expect a bad taste.

I recently visited TRUCANNABIS in Denver and picked up a few grams from the Recreational side. One gram was Skittles From TCLABS just some trim based shatter because I wanted to show people that just because its shatter don’t make it good. Anyways It was horrible tasted like well old skittles a mix of god knows what kind of plant material but still great feeling and packed a punch with high thc-a 70% not bad, def not something I would share with my fellow#Cannasseurs. Anyways they had great prices I figured heck lets pick another one but this time a wax…quickly the budtender said if you want to spend 5 more I have some new stuff from Venom…Some flake and some gooey wax…Both looked amazing and smelled just like a jar of flowers. Anyways I went with the gooey ChemStar! So glad I did this stuff is 70.7% thca t, 72% thc, 8%CDB, 8% CBD This stuff is amazing, sadly I Forgot to take a photo of the actual product….



Concentrate Review:ChemStar/Venom Wax
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