The CloudV Phantom Premium vaporizer pen with Aqua Bubbler Attachment

If you’re looking for a unique and classy dry herb vaporizer pen, then I recommend the CloudV Phantom. It’s not your ordinary vaporizer, it’s better. With three heat settings, and an automatic self shutoff.

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I highly recommend reading the user manual because this isn’t like other vaporizer pens. To turn it on you must click the button three times fast, and then it will start blinking green (the first temperature setting). To change the temp just simply hold down the button until it turns blue (the second temperature setting) or red (the third temperature setting ).
When hitting your pen, do NOT hold down the button like you do with other pens, simply leave it alone as you hit it, and it will shut its self off after three minutes.
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With the mouthpiece, it hits smooth and hard. In a good way. The herb chamber is nice and deep for a good size bowl that will burn evenly without that burned popcorn taste.
CloudV Aqua Bubbler with black Destin Grant Photography

The Aqua Bubbler Attachment :
CloudV Aqua Bubbler Destin Gran Photography
To use your Aqua Bubbler simply fill it at the top hole. Try to fill it under an inch full, so you don’t suck up water. You won’t be able to poor out the access water. Also fully dry off the bottom attachment area before placing it onto your Phantom Vaporizer.
I personally enjoy the Aqua Bubbler Attachment very much. It provides a very smooth and crisp hit. I can taste the full flavor of the herb and I love it.

In all, the CloudV Phantom pen exceeded my expectations. It’s as classy and unique as you, and comes in a variety of styles.
Make sure to watch my YouTube video for help!

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YouTube instructional Video by Destin Grant :

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CloudV Phantom Premium Dry Herb Digital Vaporizer Pen review
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