But if you really want to expand your mind, you can visit the last frontier of human consciousness in Elbe, Washington.

Peruvian spiritual retreat Ayahuasca Healings has recently been granted church status in the United States, which would make it the first legal and “public” ayahuasca church in America, according to founders, and the it has chosen a 160-acre chunk of land in Elbe as ground zero for spiritual healing.

For those unfamiliar with ayahuasca tea, it’s a brewed Amazonian plant mixture which contains one of nature’s most potent hallucinogens. It can induce intense, life-changing visions, but also violent episodes of vomiting.

Indigenous cultures have been using ayahuasca for centuries as a way of cleansing the psyche of underlying spiritual problems. Increasingly, in the disorder-fixated West, ayahuasca is being used increasingly to deal with psychological issues like depression, addiction, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD

Source: America Is Getting Its First Legal Ayahuasca Church | MUNCHIES

America Is Getting Its First Legal Ayahuasca Church
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