As the cannabis industry grows more and more entrepreneurs gain interest in the booming market. Without a doubt Cannabis Business have exploded in the last couple years alone in an article by The Huffington Post they state that

” Researchers from The ArcView Group, a cannabis industry investment and research firm based in Oakland, California, found that the U.S. market for legal cannabis grew 74 percent in 2014 to $2.7 billion, up from $1.5 billion in 2013.” Source: The Huffington Post

The research done clearly shows that Cannabis business have given the economy a much needed boost.  This boost has given young enthusiastic entrepreneurs a new avenue to explore without boundaries of the norm. From companies that offer Subscription Boxes that bring Cannabis Products directly to your door , to tour companies that drive you around while you get stoned.

In Early 2009 The 420Nurses were Born in Hollywood, Los Angeles California, by a group of young motivated women looking for a way to express themselves. Which later becoming a profitable international agency that expanded into a social media for young models looking to get into the industry. Unwillingly The 420Nurses open up brand new definition of modeling, with their sexy provocative smoking shoots and implied nudity. And that’s where The Zombie Dolls saw an opportunity to step up the game and bring forth a version of the Adult Industry to the Cannabis Industry.

The Zombie Dolls are known for their I don’t give a F*** attitude and Nudity which has labeled them as Nude Alternative Models by several Industry leaders.

The Zombie Dolls, Real, Nude, Alternative Models

Classy, Sassy, Tough And Naughty with a IDGAF attitude, The Zombie Dolls are the girls you want, but afraid to take home to mom cause dad will drool! So what if we like being nude or barely covered in our photos!! We aren’t your typical airbrushed emo, hipster, alternative models, we are Zombie Dolls nothing ordinary about us not even our name! Join today to see more than what the public sees….promise we wont bite 😉 ~ ZD

These ladies aren’t your average  over airbrushed models to look like a barbie. The Zombie Dolls also known as ZD has taken on the challenge to redefine the current idea of an Alternative Model by introducing cannabis to its photo shoots as well as keeping their believe that everyone is beautiful. Before legalization the idea of Cannabis use in photography openly was left to magazines like High Times and other heavily lawyer up publications.  Even thought  420Nurses clearly represent the industry by displaying models with cannabis attending events and promoting cannabis business, little nudity is really expressed in their photography. This is where The Zombie Dolls clearly had to step in with their style of modeling, after meeting Alice Shine, Co-Founder and Owner Raven Love Starr saw a need to introduce cannabis into his photography to truly represent his passion to rebel and love of cannabis.


Alice Shine

Alice Shine,  a cannabis patient for seizures was his inspiration to change up the way ZD represented itself. After 1 year of solely dedicating The Zombie Dolls to Nude Modeling something had to change, Raven said “everyone loves a nude a model, and at one point everyone found a model that was smoking irresistible so why not put a joint in her hand or a beautiful glass piece?”.   Seems like a young Hugh Hefner or Larry Flint speaking if you ask us.

The Zombie Dolls really seem to be making an impact not only in the extremely profitable adult industry but now in what has become the green rush which is the Cannabis Industry. From Reviews to promotional videos and guest appearances at events, ZD really seems to have a nitch for getting involved in anything possible. We can see the future of this company being extremely bright.

Love Starr Photography

Kaotic Doll

The thing we notice about ZD the most is that they really don’t over edit the models or put them in studio setting that clearly don’t fit the models. We had ask the creator Raven Love Starr for the reason behind his style of shoots , he said “What good is it to have a million photos taken of someone if they can’t even recognize themselves in it, too many photographers are over “airbrushing” images just to make model look like barbies”.  This is very true as even celebrities are airbrushed to look fitter or more attractive than they really are as Lorde published on her Twitter account which was later covered in an article by the Huffington Post “Lorde Slams Photoshopped Pictures On Twitter“.

As technology grows so does the advances in photo editing, with this growth has come a desire by society for fake or airbrushed beauty. All day long we are bombarded with images of extremely beautiful near perfect models who really don’t look half as Plastic in real life.

“My wife models for The Zombie Dolls and I personally want to see the same person I see in real life represented in my images” -Raven Love Starr

We are really impressed by what Raven and his Wife Little Wing have created. When asked how do you feel about men/women logging on to The Zombie Dolls website and seeing images of your wife in nothing but her bathing suit? “It makes me feel good to know my wife’s body is appreciated as much as I appriciate her and every curve on her beautiful body, what good is it to be a photographer if you can’t photograph the most beautiful thing you ever saw”.  With an owner like Raven we can see why The Zombie dolls have become the new definition of the Nude Alternative Model.

So what inspires the man to create and continue to rebel?

My wife has to be my biggest inspiration, no matter how many times Social Media or Web Hosting companies shut me down I knew my wife would always believe in me. I really didn’t have much drive at first after losing model after model so she stepped in when no one would stand for me or let me practice as I developed my camera skills. Shortly after moving to Colorado I met a beautiful young model who inspired me to include nudity into my photography. I was extremely shy at first but after a few nipple slips I was ready to really push my art to a new level. Missy Moonshine had a big part in breaking into the cannabis industry as she was a huge promoter of cannabis freedom and Freeing The Nipple! It wasn’t till I met the beautiful Alice Shine and her amazing family that I really saw a reason to include Cannabis in my art.

Foxxy Love

Foxxy Love

During our interview Raven said that he has plans to expand to states as they legalize and hope to one day see a print version of his website on store shelf’s just like Playboy and Hightimes! Cannasseur Magazine would like to welcome The Zombie Dolls to the Cannasseur Magazine family . We will continue to follow ZD in their voyage into a New Industry!!!



If you haven’t checked out The Zombie Dolls and don’t mind nudity stop by their website and take a look you won’t be disappointed by the classy approach to a adult cannabis based theme they have going on.header

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